Patent Box & Grants

We are also able to offer our services to assist your business with applying for relevant Grants and the Patent Box scheme.


Patent Box

The Patent Box scheme allows businesses to halve the corporation tax paid on profits derived from patented technologies. You do not need to have patented the technology yourself. You are only required to hold an exclusive license.

We assist you to better leverage your business’ intellectual property to ensure maximum tax efficiency. If you have a patent, or are in the process of getting one, then make sure it is used to its full effect.


There are a variety of grants to explore; some are available to qualifying businesses in any sector, and some are very specific to commercial or societal goals.

We have built relationships with strategic partners to facilitate our clients to take advantage of all funding available, such as: Innovate UK Grants, Regional Growth Fund (RGF); Start-up loans; and, Government grants.