What is the R&D Tax Credits Scheme?

The R&D Tax Credit Scheme is over 20 years old and has rewarded over 125,000 companies for investing in research and development in the form of a corporation tax offset or a cash injection.

R&D doesn’t necessarily mean white lab coats and test tubes. Put simply, it’s attempting to solve problems in a new way or overcoming challenges using a systematic approach and at your own financial risk.

Most of the businesses we help were unaware that they could claim because the work that they were undertaken was considered to be everyday practice in their industry.

However, if you are creating or modifying products, processes, devices or service, you are likely to qualify.

Just head over to our industry pages to see more on how your industry can claim.

How does it work?

The scheme allows you to claim two financial years retrospectively and, even if you have claimed before, we are able to look at your report to see if they can be optimised free of charge.

If you are an SME, you can claim back 21% – 33% of your qualifying expenditure. Whereas, if you are a larger company, you can claim up to 11%.

How do we help?

Our team will prepare your report, with the relevant industry knowledge and accounting expertise to optimise your claim.

However, it doesn’t stop there. We want to make sure that your claim continues to be optimised, so we work with your business to ensure that your strategy is aligned with the R&D incentive going forward.

We take the time to get to know your business; this means we’re often able to find more qualifying expenditures than other advisers

We sit on the R&D Consultative Committee Advisory Panel and have a large amount of interaction with HMRC on the various nuances of the legislation

We have rigorous in-house quality assurance processes to ensure your claim holds up under HMRC scrutiny

Our fee is success-based only and includes support through any questions or an enquiry from HMRC

Watch our video to hear from our team about the R&D Tax Credit Scheme; why we have it, how it came about, how you can benefit, and how you apply!

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