September 26, 2023

7 Innovations That Will Change the Construction Sector

We love working with businesses in the construction industry. Projects often face complications and challenges, and we enjoy hearing about how individuals are working on innovative solutions to overcome those hurdles. There is some incredible work being done in the UK modern construction space. 

Innovations are progressing rapidly in construction, particularly around tech. In this blog we share 7 of the exciting advancements that we believe are actively shaping the way the construction sector operates.


1. AI / Machine Learning

AI is making it easier for construction businesses to optimise workflows, aid decision making, analyse risk, make predictions and communicate. Some large companies are using AI to improve health and safety on sites as it is far more accurate.


2. Digital Twin Technology

Leading construction businesses are using a digital twin to create an accurate virtual model, for example a building or a bridge, to measure performance, run simulations, establish any issues, and make improvements. This incredibly valuable information can then be applied to the real-life construction, avoiding running into problems and creating the optimum output. 


3. 3D Printing

Long regarded as one of the top innovations in manufacturing and construction, the technology continues to advance as it becomes an industry standard. 3D printing is being used in construction to create intricate designs, speed up processes, problem-solve when materials are in short supply and even plug a skills gap.


4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Since the covid-19 pandemic office-based workers have used video / virtual meetings with great success, however this doesn’t always help those on construction sites or who need to be in 3D environments to progress with their projects. Meeting in the metaverse allows collaborators to meet in ‘real-world’ surroundings with the assistance of AR glasses or VR headsets. This allows interaction in a rich, virtual environment—something that isn’t possible behind a computer screen.


5. Workforce Management Software

Managing resources is often a challenge for large construction companies, particularly where there are high volumes of staff, multiple project teams and subcontractors. Effective workforce management tools can help to keep operations running smoothly, optimise resources and improve efficiencies. For example, some businesses are using these tools to automatically deploy workers to where they are needed and the optimum times to save delays.


6. Sensor Technology

Sensors are being used in numerous different ways in the construction sector. From monitoring site conditions and keeping track of machinery to facility management, improving efficiencies and health and safety management. Forward-thinking firms are also using sensors to forecast and prepare for future events.


7. Drones

Drones have been used in construction for some time now, however they are becoming more sophisticated. Real-time aerial imagery, 3D lidar scans and AI-orientation will further step up how drones are helping aid construction industry procedures.


Making Innovation Possible

The construction and property industry are ever evolving. We enjoy enabling forward-thinking businesses to continue to innovate and amaze by helping them to access tax reliefs and grants that mean they can continue with their incredible advances.

To speak about R&D tax reliefs, innovate UK smart grants or SDLT exemptions, please reach out to our expert team today. Book a call by clicking here, or alternatively you can call us on 020 3523 9125 or email

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