The Bonham & Brook Partnership Scheme

At Bonham & Brook, we aim to provide a world-class experience alongside exceptional services. Our unique partnership strategy transforms clients, accountants, advisors, affiliations and stakeholders into ambassadors and mutual business introducers. Expand your network with us.

Our partnership team has devised a thorough process for building world-class relationships. We value our partnerships as they provide us with valuable feedback and connect us with businesses that are still navigating the complexities and rewards of the UK’s innovation and wider tax incentives. Partnering with a specialist in this field will bring added value and increase network loyalty.



Our collaborations with partners are tailored to their specific needs and are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • We will work closely with you to customize our services to meet your requirements.
  • One of our dedicated funding consultants will keep you updated throughout the claim process to ensure everything is completed correctly.
  • We have a proven track record of working with numerous accounting firms in the United Kingdom

Why Choose Us

  • Average claim commission of £40k for partners
  • 25% of our revenue is referred
  • 500 clients across the UK


How it Works

  1. Business Analysis – We will analyze your network to identify activities that can benefit from our services and consult with your network to ensure maximum benefit for your clients and contacts.
  2. Dedicated Support – We will assign a partnership manager to provide claim updates and identify opportunities.
  3. Maximize Benefits – Take advantage of introductions to benefit clients through collaborations, exclusive events and other opportunities.
  4. Compliance Assurance – We prioritize compliance and handle claims safely and confidently.
  5. Bonham & Brook Pays You – A percentage of the client’s fee will be paid out to you annually (usually within 6 weeks after processing).


What We Offer

Establishing a value-driven relationship starts with understanding your business, goals and operations. Contact one of our specialists for help. You will receive a presentation folder detailing Bonham & Brook and our innovation incentive services. We will assist you in finding referrals.

  1. Regular meetings to discuss current issues and potential future developments.
  2. Our technical and financial experts will help you identify innovative clients, so you don’t refer ineligible companies.
  3. Client evaluations and suggestions are provided at no cost, including pitching new services to existing and prospective customers.
  4. Our accountants offer resources and assistance in submitting tax credit claims, including remote assistance to ensure the completion of CT600s and CT computations does not confuse HMRC and cause claims or inquiries to be delayed.
  5. We strive to meet your expectations and keep you informed with regular reports on your referrals and earnings.


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