At Bonham & Brook, we are dedicated to making the UK economy more productive. We’re passionate about innovation and in awe of the brilliant work our clients do, even in their everyday.

We help these businesses reinvest in their innovation so that they can keep focused on doing what they do best; being the driving force behind the British Economy.


Many of our staff are from Large Corporate backgrounds. We’re not a large corporate, and we’re very proud of that!

Integrity is so important to us. Everyone’s encouraged to be themselves here – what matters is that we give 110% and that our staff have maximum autonomy and support to deliver the best results for our clients.

We never want to be too big of a business to lose sight of the importance of every client knowing that we prioritise each of their needs.

We’re less of a corporate production line and more of a high-end artisanal bakery, unafraid of pushing boundaries.



We actively look to engage in our staff’s charitable efforts, our client’s charitable efforts, and our local community. Working to live or living to work, we live to make our staff’s work more fulfilling, and they live to work.

The choice to move to Brixton was very much in-keeping with our company ethos.

Sure, we could have elected for a square-mile glass-clad tower from which to conduct our operations and services.

But, when the choice came between transferring additional rent costs to our clients via higher prices or working in a vibrant and diverse community that reflected our young and dynamic workforce, there was no hesitation.

Not A Once-A-Year Wonder

There’s nothing wrong with businesses being transactional. Many R&D Providers will have a similar relationship with their clients as most dentists have with their patients. You see each other once a year for a check-up, get the process done as quickly as possible and hand over your money.

But, we want to be more than your once a year appointment. This allows us to make you aware of upcoming legislation changes, to truly involve your technical stakeholders so they can become R&D Tax champions in your business, and to enable the company to capture R&D data live.



Three is the magic number – when it comes to your claim the consultancy team that will guide you will consist of technical consultants, financial consultants and account managers. Each one will have their own part in making sure your claim is as robust and painless as possible.

When it comes to the numbers some of our team have a background in tax specifically with ACA accreditations or long histories of working for HMRC in the R&D Tax Department (17 Years in one instance). Others were very much born more for technical report writing. Our technical team have masters degrees in material sciences, computer science, structural engineering, mechanical engineering and cyber security. They also have many years of industry experience under their belt – especially within the field of construction. Our account managers are often equally highly specialised with educational backgrounds and industry experience within their fields of specialism.

That’s what lets us “get” your claim every step of the way to enable you to make the most robust claim possible. 




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