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Whether you are interested in the R&D Tax Credits Scheme, Grants or Patent Boxes, we have the knowledge, experience and team to help your business grow.

R&D Tax Credits Scheme

We have developed an effective process to maximise your claim and minimise any risk, whilst also focusing on efficiency so that there is minimal impact on your time and resources.

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Whilst we specialise in the R&D Tax Credits Scheme, we ensure that your business is exposed to as many funding opportunities as possible. Our team and Partners are able to assist with any Grant applications or queries.

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Patent Box

Another area that we are able to assist with is Patent Box applications, helping you to halve Corporation Tax which has been paid on profits derived from patented technologies.

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We are innovation and funding experts, with specialist knowledge of a variety of industries

Between our technical team and our financial experts, you can be confident that you have a highly experienced and devoted team who will achieve the best outcome for you and your business.


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We operate in a variety of industries, so if you don’t see yours below, please contact us so that we can assist you.


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What our clients have to say

It was a pleasure working with the guys at Bonham & Brook, especially considering that, with the wealth of knowledge backed up with the expertise of an ex HMRC officer, we had confidence going ahead with a claim for the first time. After successfully receiving a substantial refund, we would not hesitate doing another claim and, it goes without saying, Bonham & Brook will be our preferred partners going forward. Thank you, again.

Chris Strik

Managing Director

We worked with the team at Bonham & Brook on the R&D claim that we were unaware of. To our surprise they made the whole process seamless and we received our refund from HMRC. We will definitely be using B&B again for our R&D claim to help us grow our business.

Chetan Patel


At first I believed that R&D tax credits were a little too good to be true or that my company would not be applicable. The money we claimed has helped us grow the business by having the cash to grow the team and increase our marketing budget. My business has grown thanks to their work, so I am eternally grateful.

Ryan James

Managing & Creative Director

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