Energy Tax Relief

We work to reduce your energy-related costs by understanding your business better. Our team can unlock savings from energy tax relief schemes such as the Climate Change Levy exemption scheme, or the Energy-Intensive Industries compensation scheme.


Is your business overpaying on its energy bills?

The government levies taxes on energy to fund subsidies for renewable programmes, investment in low carbon technology and to incentivise companies to reduce energy consumption. Reducing consumption works towards the overall aim for the UK government to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The Energy Taxation Directive set both a mandate for a minimum amount of tax to be levied on energy, as well as allowances for business deemed to be at risk of carbon leakage. These allowances paved the way for energy tax reliefs, which are now utilised by business to improve the bottom line and compete in global markets.


Our service identifies key areas of the business which can qualify for energy tax relief and work with your business to unlock the benefit. 


Climate Change Levy (CCL) Energy Tax Relief

The Climate Change Levy is a tax on the consumption of electricity, natural gas and fossil fuels for non-domestic users in the UK, it is used to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and increase their energy efficiency. The CCL main rates will be listed on your business’s energy bill and amounts to around 5% of the invoice.

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Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Relief Schemes

Businesses that meet the requirements for eligibility may be able to get up to 85% of their Feed-in Tariff (FIT), Renewables Obligation (RO), and Contract for Differences (CFD) costs waived, or get compensation from the UK government for the effects of the carbon trading schemes. Both schemes offer significant savings for business who can demonstrate they are energy-intensive.

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Not sure which scheme is for you?

Our team can assist you in identifying relief-eligible areas, and help you identify whether the schemes available fit your business activities. Our full service offering ensures you stay compliant throughout your time with us and don’t risk your benefit or tax savings. 

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