In the Spotlight: Malcolm Henderson

November 27, 2023

Having the expertise and experience of a formidable ex HMRC Tax Inspector is an asset that Bonham & Brook’s compliance team are ever grateful for.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Malcolm Henderson, Head of Compliance and Associate Director.


How long have you been at Bonham & Brook?

Since April 2022, but I did some work on a Consultancy basis from February 2022

What is your role at the firm?

Head of Tax Compliance. Making sure our claims look reasonable & robust from HMRC’s perspective. Quality Assurance. Assisting in onboarding potential clients to discuss their qualification for the Research & Development Tax Relief. Providing advice throughout claim compilation.

How did you get into this industry?

I started in this industry as a HMRC R&D Unit Inspector, from November 2006 (when HMRC set them up) to March 2015. Since March 2015, I’ve worked for R&D providers ensuring their claims are compliant.

What is your favourite part of your role / what do you enjoy most about working at B&B?

My colleagues are great, and I love working with them, but meeting clients is at the top of my list. I enjoy researching companies to get a flavour of their overall structure, projects and ability to claim R&D tax relief or other reliefs that they could benefit from with our assistance.

In a nutshell, what is your take on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement? What were the positives and negatives for UK businesses?

Positives – clarity on subsidised & subcontracted compliance risks, which should give more certainty for claimants going forward.

Negatives – this still leaves massive uncertainty for business investment for claims under enquiry via HMRC’s earlier Volume Compliance Approach, which has been terrible, in terms of communication & reasonable resolution. It almost seems that claims from 1 April 2024 will be reviewed more sympathetically.

I remain unconvinced, overall, that this was a ‘budget for growth’.

What does a typical ‘day in the life of Malcolm’ look like?

If I’m in the office, I tend to be one of the first in. First coffee of the day is important. I often have meetings with clients booked, or training sessions or I am just available for advice. I also like to check how colleagues are getting on.

If I’m working from home, I’m normally up by 7.30 at the latest. Sometimes earlier if I’m going for a pre-breakfast walk with my wife. Then tea, cereal & banana. Then the day is much as per office. ‘If its Friday’ it means a lunchtime coffee with wife & youngest daughter at the great, newish café/evening music bar in my village.

If you weren’t doing this job, what else would you be doing?

Working in/for the environment and/or something travel related

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Walking, travel, music festivals, holidays.

Favourite Holiday Destination: New Zealand. It has everything. If only I wasn’t too old too emigrate.

Favourite Music/Band: Smashing Pumpkins probably sums up my overall taste. But Neil Young, The Smiths etc. Any Indie Guitar stuff with a good hook line really.

Proudest Moment(s): The birth of my two daughters and watching them grow into kind, empathetic, funny, beautiful & intelligent human beings. (mainly down to their Mum!)

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