Veterinary Practices

Veterinary Practices are constantly putting additional resources into improving treatments for animals, both domestic and those in agriculture. The extent of this is often underestimated, with much of it qualifying for R&D incentives. 

The UK is a nation of animal lovers and there is a constant demand from pet owners for ever more effective treatments for illnesses and injuries that their animals may face.  

Whether it is more sensitive tests or scans to catch illnesses at an earlier and more treatable stage, or new fixtures to support and replace damaged limbs, this development is an ongoing process that has the potential to be as far reaching and intricate as the research that goes into human health. These are likely to qualify given the various R&D incentives now available. 

Qualifying Activities

Examples of R&D in veterinary practices includes: 

  • Development of new and more sensitive tests for animal diseases 
  • Design, development and construction of new and more advanced artificial limbs for animals that have suffered loss or injury to their limbs. 
  • Testing of new and more powerful drugs to treat infections and other illnesses in animals 

Typical Claim

R&D carried out in veterinary practices is often highly complex, albeit often on a small scale given the private nature of such practices. It is common for claims to be within the tens of thousands. 

What our clients have to say

It was a pleasure working with the guys at Bonham & Brook, especially considering that, with the wealth of knowledge backed up with the expertise of an ex HMRC officer, we had confidence going ahead with a claim for the first time. After successfully receiving a substantial refund, we would not hesitate doing another claim and, it goes without saying, Bonham & Brook will be our preferred partners going forward. Thank you, again.

Chris Strik

Managing Director

We worked with the team at Bonham & Brook on the R&D claim that we were unaware of. To our surprise they made the whole process seamless and we received our refund from HMRC. We will definitely be using B&B again for our R&D claim to help us grow our business.

Chetan Patel


At first I believed that R&D tax credits were a little too good to be true or that my company would not be applicable. Jenson, Hannad and the team's expertise and experience reassured and guided me through the process. I had to put in approx. 1 - 2 hours work and they did the rest of the application. The first time we worked together they were able to claim for the previous 2 years, so we received a bumper double rebate. This money has helped us grow the business by having the cash to grow the team and increase our marketing budget. My business has grown thanks to their work, so I am eternally grateful.

Ryan James

Managing & Creative Director

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