International Women’s Day – a Chat With Mia

March 8, 2024

Tell us a bit about who you are, your role, your background and how you help clients or support the team at B&B


I’m Mia, an Account Manager on the consultancy team. Raised in the vibrant city of London, I specialise in ensuring a seamless claims process for our clients while cultivating meaningful relationships along the way!


What inspired you to embark on this career?


I was attracted to the finance and innovation sectors due to my passion for assisting small businesses in flourishing. My goal was to further support their access to government reliefs more seamlessly. Engaging with a diverse clientele across various industries, I am continually inspired by their contributions to upholding the UK’s competitiveness in science and technology.


How does Bonham & Brook support women in the workplace?


Bonham & Brook is dedicated to enhancing female representation at all levels within the company, spanning from finance to technical consulting, all the way up to management roles. This commitment provides women with increased opportunities for skill development and personal growth. With a growing number of women joining our team, I look forward to more women entering the financial services industry.


Who is your biggest female inspiration?


While it might sound cliché, my mother undeniably emerges as one of my most remarkable female inspirations. With a background in English literature, she has thrived in diverse roles over the years, consistently adapting to her surroundings. Notably, she served as a PR representative for a prominent mental health charity, shedding light on a crucial yet often overlooked issue. More recently, she assumed the role of Director in our family business, took on the position of Chair at her tennis club, all while seamlessly fulfilling the roles of a mother to my brother, me, and our dog. Her ability to navigate various professional and personal environments is genuinely inspiring, and acts as a testament to the boundless capabilities of women excelling in anything and seemingly everything.


Have you encountered any barriers being a women in this industry? If so, how have you overcome them?


Sometimes it can be difficult as a woman working in finance, especially in the early stages of your career. It is common to feel that you are undervalued, under skilled, and desperately attempting to gain respect, however one must persevere and gain resilience in order to survive. While it can be tough at times, you must remind yourself that the experiences and skills that you can offer to a team are significantly more important.


How do you help influence and mentor your fellow female colleagues?


As one of the longer standing Account Managers I take great pride in my role as a mentor, particularly in supporting the newer female members of my teams through guidance and education. Sharing my experiences and lessons learned has empowered them, fostering a sense of confidence that enables them to excel in their roles. I am dedicated to creating an environment where women can discover their own strengths, and continually improve their skills.


What is some advice you would go back in time to tell your younger self?


Everyone else is too busy focussing on their own flaws, rather than yours, so don’t judge or criticise yourself too harshly. Also, the only true mistake is not learning from our errors.


Do you think it is still important that we recognise International Womens Day in 2024?


Although we have made great progress throughout my lifetime, the conversation surrounding feminism is still very relevant in today’s society. Whether looking at the gender pay gap or the advocacy for women’s rights globally, the disparity underscores the pressing need to continue conversations.

Many women around the world still face challenges ranging from limited access to education and healthcare to systemic discrimination. For instance, the fight for reproductive rights, including access to safe and legal abortion, remains a central theme in women’s rights discussions. The ongoing struggle for equality is exemplified by the persistence of issues like child marriage, gender-based violence, and limited representation in leadership roles.

In the context of contemporary challenges, the emergence of extreme groups, such as the Incel community or figures like Andrew Tate, serves as a stark reminder that the treatment of women remains a pressing concern. These groups, often promoting toxic masculinity and harmful ideologies, highlight the need for continued vigilance in dismantling harmful stereotypes and fostering a culture of respect and equality across all genders.

The conversation around women’s rights and gender equality is far from obsolete. It requires sustained efforts, both at the societal and individual levels, to address persistent challenges and create a world where all individuals, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute without fear of discrimination or prejudice. I hope that one day this is no longer true.


This year’s theme is #InspireInclusion – what does inclusion mean to you?


For me, inclusion is living in a world free from prejudice and discrimination, where individuals feel an integral part of a broader community. It encompasses fostering an environment where everyone is acknowledged, valued, and celebrated for their unique contributions, irrespective of their differences.


Favourite Women in Business: Mary Barra

Favourite Female singer/artist: Mitski (currently PinkPantheress)

Favourite Female actress: Margot Robbie

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