International Women’s Day – A Chat With Shannon

March 8, 2024

Tell us a bit about who you are, your role, your background and how you help clients or support the team at B&B…


I’m on the commercial team for Bonham & Brook North, focusing mainly on our energy product.


What inspired you to embark on this career?


I love working with people and after working in sales data analytics after university, I decided to move over to the fun side of sales, focusing on new business development.


How does Bonham & Brook support women in the workplace?


We have a very inclusive team; I feel equal to my male colleagues.


Have you encountered any barriers being a women in this industry? If so, how have you overcome them?


Sometimes a little prejudice but I find it best to ignore the small comments, and if something is really bothering you, have a conversation about it.


How do you help influence and mentor your fellow female colleagues?


I always reach out to new colleagues within the business and make sure they know I’m here if they need any help.


What is some advice you would go back in time to tell your younger self?


Ask the question you’re too scared to ask, and always stick up for yourself!


Do you think it is still important that we recognise International Women’s Day in 2024?

Yes, I think raising awareness is always important. It’s crucial that women feel they have a platform to speak up. However, respectful environments, such as Bonham and Brook, encourage these conversations to happen every day.


Favourite Women in Business: Molly Bloom

Favourite Female singer/artist: Miley Cyrus

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