Why does being ISO Accredited Matter? – Make sure your R&D Provider is a Credit to your Company

August 11, 2022

Bonham and Book, like every other business, is constantly striving to improve its service. That’s an easy and generic thing to say though, isn’t it? The true measure of a company is whether it can hold itself to standards that take the above beyond generic aspirational marketing spiel, and into actionable benefits for its clients. At our end-of-financial-year management meeting, we discussed a way to further this goal would be to seek external accreditation. 

We’re glad to say that 3 months later we can announce that we have passed the tests with flying colours, obtaining the ISO 9001 at the beginning of August, after a lot of efficient and effective work from our operations department as well as a concerted full company effort across the board.

Why did we choose to become accredited?

Both HMRC and the marketplace in which we operate are gratefully becoming savvier regarding less diligent providers. Gratefully for us, this means that clients are becoming better educated as to the need to look for trust & quality versus a “race to the bottom”; with providers previously promising irresponsibly high claim values and incomprehensibly low fees.

Unsurprisingly the latter rarely substantiated the former with robust claims, with HMRC estimating that error and fraud in R&D claims cost the taxpayer £336 million a year. In the past, that pain was primarily felt by the taxpayer. In the future, due to HMRC taking action, that will be more likely primarily born by those who make errant claims and those that advised them to do so.

We perceive that our industry is unregulated, and the above figure is a consequence of that. We disapprove of this vehemently and look to any regulation we can obtain as a good thing. Ultimately IS0 9001 is a key contributing factor to ascertaining trust for any potential claimant considering an R&D Tax Partner. When it comes to your taxes, trust and transparency are paramount.

Dominic Bonham – Director

Why did Bonham & Brook Choose the ISO 9001:2015

ISO accreditations in general bring customer satisfaction to the center of an organization’s structure and strategy. This helps an organization create complimenting internal systems to embed continual improvement into every aspect of its function. It does this by providing a robust but flexible framework for organizations to strictly adhere to.

This ISO accreditation is focused on “Quality Management”. Though there are many important factors to a successful R&D Tax Credit Consultancy, we felt that this was the one that was most closely aligned with our core responsibilities and drivers as a business. 

What does this mean for our clients?

By consistently delivering core services to high-quality standards we can guarantee the safety and success of our clients, continue to build our reputation with the HMRC (reducing risk for our clients), and lay firm foundations on which to build this business to take it to new heights for the benefit of our client base. Mitigating risk is key to accreditation.

With our risk-averse approach, our clients can rest assured we’re well prepared for every eventuality and “not going anywhere”. They can also be assured that risk aversion is built into every element of our compliance cycle. We felt that we were always working with these principals regardless, but the accreditation process has helped us to crystalize and embed these principals further and widen their application.

This will allow us to provide products and services that consistently meet and exceed customers’ requirements, enhance customer satisfaction through a process of continual improvement of service, and ensure that all services conform with all applicable and statutory, and regulatory requirements.

A good day for us, but one that will guarantee many more days of the same nature for our clients.

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